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Let's Review

How did I become the Master of Patience? Not only has it been, as of today, exactly five months of waiting since my applications went out, with no solid good news since then; but also some big gaps in between the times I got any news at all. My application adventure up till now:

11/5/04: All applications submitted via LSAC
...then an initial wait of 42 days before the bad news...

12/17/04: Deferred at Minnesota

...and another wait of 45 days until...

2/1/05: Waitlisted at UConn
2/2/05: Waitlisted at Wisconsin

...then a couple of weeks later:
2/17/05: Rejected at Washington

...nice short wait of 21 days...

3/11/05: Rejected at Colorado
3/18/05: Rejected at Texas

...a glimmer of hope...
3/25/05: Waitlisted at William & Mary

...but then...
4/1/05: Rejected at Washington & Lee

...but I still haven't heard a thing from Georgia! That's all right though, since according to law school numbers there are many people still pending at that school. So I've still got a chance there, I would say, plus my deferral & three waitlists might pan out. Who knows. I'd be happy if Blogger would just work like it's supposed to for a change.

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