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Sui G is reality TV star

“At Last, You Could Become America's Next Best Selling Author and Reality Show TV Celebrity!”

So there's a new reality show for wanna-be writers. It's called Book Millionaire, and the whole website just screams out, "SCAM!" although I can't figure out what the scam is. There's even a "dear friend" letter on the main page, for crying out loud. Lit bloggers have been decrying the idea as bad reality television, but am I the only one who suspects that this show will never even be made?

Seriously. Look at this. The color schemes, the disparately-sized fonts, and the horrible grammar throughout--I don't see how this can be for real. Not to mention the fact that, in order to qualify as a contestant to "become America's next [first? last?] Book MillionaireTM", you "don't need to have written your book or manuscript but you have an idea you feel would be a good book." Way to narrow down the number of applicants!

Okay. But the weirdest thing? They're apparently going to be filming this show near my home town of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Now that's just a crazy coincidence. After reading that, I had half a mind to apply and see what all the hoopla was about. That is, unless someone like beats me to the punch (nah... Rob's too busy with his new baby).

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