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More waiting angst

Barring acceptance at U of M or Georgia, I should soon have nothing but waitlists to sit on. In that event, we're going to assume that law school is a wash for this year... but maybe I will hear from one of those three schools after all. It wouldn't be stupendously difficult to uproot and move out to Madison (U of WI). Of my three WL schools, this is by far the nearest, but it's still a stretch to assume that we could do so on the first day of classes should a student fail to attend. And the other two we will certainly have to forget about when it comes down to a month or so before classes start.

J's new job requires a crappy commute, and we're looking into new apartments. We might break our lease a couple of months early to save on gas money, but we can't really do anything until the applications are resolved. It would be no fun to move and then have to move again a few months later, and that's still a possibility. So she drives a couple of hours every day, but at least she's commuting to a job with promising possibilities. Meanwhile, we keep watching that mailbox every day and hoping for news.

And in six months, I could start the process all over again!


kristine said...

Would you consider paying a little more to have a month-to-month lease if that helped with the commute/amount you spend on gas? You could do that NOW and not have to wait for your apps to resolve themselves. Hell, we're about to sign a 3.5 month lease and, thus, move TWICE in the next few months. It sucks, but it's going to save us huge money, not least of which will be because we won't have a mortgage.

ambimb said...

You're such a trooper. So do you think waitlists are a good thing, or would you have preferred a definitive answer from those schools over this waiting game?

Oh, and have you seen this?

sui generis said...

kristine, we're looking into that option now, but the Admissions Director at UM said that decisions are usually mailed out by the first week of May, so we'll probably wait till then before making a decision.

ambimb, I'll probably blog about that later. Short answer, if I end up getting accepted, then they're worth it. If not, I'd have rather had "NO"s all around. And I have been meaning to pick up that book.