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What's next?

As the application process shuffles toward its eventual conclusion, I am becoming more excited about the probability of not attending law school. Once the question of where we will be in the fall is settled, our lives will be settled enough that we can think about adopting a dog. With the admissions ordeal over, I can focus more energy on other career plans. J's new salary and our freedom from law school debt open up the possibility of buying a house.

She's eager to settle down. I'm excited to have our own home, and build equity, and be able to decorate however we want, but there are opportunities all over the place (hypothetically)! I don't want to tie myself down to one city until I've examined the offerings elsewhere. Now is the time to set the world on fire before we have kids, careers, mortgages, and other responsibilities holding us back.

My pick? Teaching English in Japan for a year.


Shannon said...

Is this the program you're considering?

sui generis said...

Actually, I don't think J will ever go for the idea, but we have friends who are teaching through JET & NOVA.

CM said...

Closer to home, would you consider starting that business you mentioned a while back? Do you have a cutoff date for making a final decision? I agree -- especially with J's job, picking up and moving the instant you get a phone call doesn't sound like a great idea. (JW and I had the same cutoff date discussion about moving.)

sui generis said...

Starting a business is another possibility, although I haven't hit on the perfect idea yet. Restaurants are notoriously difficult to operate, even with experience. A graphic design company employing J would be a safer bet.