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My last best chance

I'm reading up on Stag's interview tips in preparation for my meeting with the Dean of Admissions in two days. I confess that I'm a bit nervous about this. It's my one opportunity to go in and try to make something happen. I haven't been thinking much about law school lately and fear that I may be a bit rusty, so I'm brushing up on the school and what I've sent them so far and what they might want to hear from me. I am open to any suggestions/advice at this point.

Stag's advice boils down to:
1. Telling them why I'm awesome and they should accept me
2. Why they're awesome and my #1 choice and I will attend if accepted, and
3. Q & A to clear up any lingering issues.

I'm pretty sure that my application got hung up because of my borderline numbers (GPA/LSAT), so I'm going to emphasize that I intentionally only applied at 'reach' schools. I think it will speak well for me that I'm aware of my position and looking for a challenge rather than applying at a school where I know I'll be in the top 5%. So that's me. The school is good because we have family and a new job in the area and thus motivation to stick around. And they don't need to be told that they're the best law school in the state, but I'll be sure to share my awareness of that fact.

This is my last hurrah for applications. If you can think of anything I'm missing or have a word of wisdom to share, now is your chance. Comment now or forever hold your peace.


stag said...

Exude as much enthusiasm as you can muster at this point. Be cool and confident. Have a speech ready, because they might not have anything to say to or ask you, but if they do ask any questions, address them thoroughly.

I would avoid saying they are a "reach." If your numbers fall below their ranges, explain why your numbers aren't higher or why you're awesome despite your numbers (i.e. soft factors). Saying you're looking forward to challenges is fine, but don't tell them it would be a stretch for them to admit you.

When I did it, I brought in a legal pad where I'd bulleted the things I wanted to cover.

Good luck!

sui generis said...

Thanks, Stag, I'm making the list today.

Menagerie said...

Good luck! You'll do great. =)


DeniseUMLaw said...

We're all crossing our fingers for you! :)