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Sui Generis book club #18

Eastern Standard Tribe by Cory Doctorow

For real folks, no foolin', this is another winner. I can't get enough. Doctorow had better come out with a new novel soon, because now I'm seriously hooked.

I used to read a ton of science fiction, but I gave it up for a while. Before D&OitMK, it had been a long time since I'd read any sf. When I finished that book, I couldn't remember why I stayed away. After reading this one, I realized the answer: I was sick of gloomy, dark, sad sf, and reading Doctorow was the antidote.

His stories are primarily hopeful, fun, and bristling with cool ideas: a futuristic utopia. Doctorow's futures are happy futures. Sometimes bad things happen to the people who live in them, but that's life, and that's conflict that makes the story go. They bounce back up after getting knocked down and life is good again.

Overall, I get the impression that it's a future I'd want to live in, and that's why I love reading about it so much. This is good stuff!

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