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Quick notes

My final transcript has arrived at LSAC and I'm completing applications left and right. Five out so far; four to go. I'm going to party like a rock star when this is all over. Like a rock star who just spent hundreds of dollars on law school applications, but a rock star nonetheless. I think this calls for a bottle of wine to be opened. It's fancy, and best of all, it's already paid for!

UPDATE: Wow! Yes! All nine of my applications have been submitted via LSAC. I feel so much better. I'm not ready to relax yet, thought, because I'm sure there will be something I forgot or some new problem. But I'm still gonna party tonight!

Meanwhile, some thoughts on the novel writing.

I've got a lot of words written down a a loosely story-based format, but in no way have I written an actual novel yet. This event should technically be called RoDraWriMo, because a very rough draft of a novel is what I am actually working on. At the end of the month, or whenever I wrap this up, I will revise and edit and finagle this monster into a real first draft. At that point (and who knows how long that process could take), I will be prepared to call it a novel.

words: 3,208


joel said...

good luck on your novel.

E3B said...

Congrats on getting your apps out, I'm glad they finally processed all your stuff. What goes on there? It's similar to the way Ryder is bad with customer service in renting moving vans. It's the only thing they do! How can they be bad at it?

Wine is a good starter; save the hard liquor for when you get accepted.

Good luck!