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Presented for your amusement, a free web version of what some people say is their favorite thing to do on the Wii: make your own Mii! (Above, my wife and me)

UPDATE: now a full family, with a Nintendogs version of our puppy Lola. I couldn't duplicate her constantly-licking tongue, but otherwise that's a pretty good likeness of her, I'd say.

Happy "tell your best friend what turns you on" day

It is another wonderful new holiday courtesy of Dinosaur Comics! I consider you to be my best friend, so I would like tell you what turns me on, music-wise (warning: MySpace!). Yesterday it was Makeout Revolution. Right now it's (Shake Your) Baby Maker.

Special note: at least one of these bands will be performing in the Craftstravaganza!

Speaking of which, check out our new VENDORS page. It is awesome (unless you're looking at it with Internet Explorer, in which case it's busted).

Office art

A blog I used to read daily, which has since disappeared, recently posted about office art--small works created in short time, in a cubicle, with whatever materials are at hand. I was immediately reminded of the above piece, but it took me a while to track it down. Then it took me another week to post it.

I created this tiny icon during my employment at the cube farm where I worked a few years ago. It incorporates blue ink, colored pencil, and white-out for the sheen on the hair. The image is based on one from an ad we received via fax machine. The man was originally a patient in a doctor's office, but he could also be a cover model for a Harlequin romance novel. I made several variations on this man and his doctor, but I believe that this is the only extant copy. I pinned it proudly to my cubicle walls and deemed it worthy of taking home when I quit that awful position.

At my current job, I have my own office, with art prints adorning the walls (one of my choosing, one not). Nice as it is to have professionally-made paintings in my work area, seeing this again inspires me to try a new art project. But first, we've got over 160 applications to sort through for the Craftstravaganza!

The Nosebleed Song

I was at the mart. Jhenn just got back from Hong Kong and somehow found this gem to fill the Leshik-shaped hole in my heart that has been missing all these long years. Behold: the best video ever sent to the Internet. WARNINGS: volume is out of control, don't listen to it with headphones, and there are swears. Enjoy the brilliance!