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The big announcement

You might have guessed by now. There are maybe only three events worthy of such fanfare: a baby, a house, and a Craftstravaganza. We're already doing a Craftstravaganza, so that's clearly not it. And, as my astute friend Aaron J surmised, "you don't have to wait till Thursday to close on a baby, so i'm guessing it's a house." He guessed correctly.

I wasn't going to say anything until it was final, but then my wife announced it via her online methods, so I had to go ahead and say something as well. We were worried of looking foolish if something should fall through, and we almost did lose our financing at the last minute, which was scary. Luckily, everything worked out in the end. After signing about a million things we walked out of our closing this morning with a tiny key that's worth more than my life. Now who wants to help us move?

First bat of spring

All the signs are out, it's time for change. A major announcement will be revealed on Thursday, so if you've hung on this long, you might as well check back again in two days.

The St. Paul Art Crawl was good times. The weather was freakishly hot. I went with my parents to the Bike Depot so we could pick up my dad's repaired 3-speed for the Lake Pepin tour in a month. Two of our Craftstravaganza vendors were in the building: John Carlson and "Abstracts by" Jaak. We coasted down to lowertown and did the walking tour of a couple more buildings before heading home.

It's wonderful there are so many artists around, but how would I ever hear about them if it wasn't for events like these? It's really a small world though. I was meeting a girl about a bike for sale today and she used to be neighbors with the previous Treasurer at the Bike Depot.

See how we are?

We got some photos from the championship RollerGirls bout last weekend, but none of them turned out very well. That's not the big news anyway.

I got a new job. That's right, three years after graduating from college... I finally found a job that's somewhat related to my major. I'm going to be the office manager for a small medical research firm. The pay is not stellar, but the benefits are okay, and the best part is that I only have to work four 8-hour days each week. Or is the best part that I get my own office? Or that we'll have health insurance again? Anyway, it's a good thing. And it's in St. Paul, which means we'll be sticking around this area after all. And I'm okay with that.

So I guess this makes me an uncle?

My niece was born some time yesterday evening. I'm not a girl so I don't know the exact time or measurements, but at least after a few repetitions I can remember her name: Nadia something. Right, honey?



Hey! Look! It's the St. Paul Craftstravaganza Crafter Showcase! See, it's because I'm working on things like this that I'm not posting on my blog anymore. I should have one of those up daily for about a month or so. Go check them out please.

The job that ate my brain

Here's a sneak preview of Craftstravaganza vendors for both my hardcore fans who're still looking for something to kill a few minutes on Friday afternoon. I took a half day to finish that. Ha!


Whoop de doo!