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A weekend away

Blogger, you so crazy! I didn't notice until today that Friday's post duplicated itself. Moving on...

I had a great weekend at the house of my parents-in-law. They were out of town, so I stayed with J. and we took care of their dog, Cody. We brought in some Applebee's to go spinach & artichoke dip, which we both love, and drank a couple of glasses of wine each and watched a half hour of Big Daddy before we started to fall asleep on the couch.

J. had a baby shower on Saturday, so I had the house to myself basically all day. I finished reading The Time-Traveler's Wife and made myself a grilled cheese sandwich, although I couldn't find any peppers or tomatoes to make it gourmet. After cleaning up the kitchen, I took Cody out for a walk and looked at all the green buds and sprouts popping up all over the place. All sorts of birds were hanging out in their backyard and singing. I drank some wine and took a nap on the couch and Cody slept on the floor next to me. Then I woke up and started reading Snow Crash. J. got back around 8:30 and brought some food from the party.

On Sunday, we drove out to Wisconsin for her grandma's 80th birthday. The highlight for me was we got to visit her uncle down the road and see his garage/motorcycle restoration shop. My father-in-law hopped on the Honda Scrambler that they're working on and took it for a spin. We saw a couple of the bikes he had restored (two other Hondas) but we did not see the Triumph that he kept in another garage.

We got back to our place and just collapsed. It was so nice to stay in a place where there weren't people shouting on the other sides of every wall and running around on the floor above us. Living in your own house all the time must be really nice.

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