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My stupid situation

This is a weird time. J. and I inaugurated our apartment search yesterday by visiting a real dump of a duplex in St. Paul. We're going to see a South SP apartment tonight and a townhome tomorrow. Each time I make a call, they ask, "when do you want to move in?" and I try to explain our situation.

"Well we might want something month-to-month now, but just for a couple of months... I applied for law school this fall and don't know if I'm getting in yet... so if I don't get in then we'll stay and we can sign a one-year lease, and if I do get in then we may or may not stay in the area... but we have a lease now so we're not sure if we want to move, and I might have an answer early next month, so I don't know..."

"How about I'll just show you the place, and we can work out the details later."

"Okay, thanks."

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