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Rejected by Washington & Lee

Previous April 1st fooling aside, I trust you will believe the title of this post. It's true.

Understand that, once again, this is not bad news. Nothing has changed except that a bothersome unknown has become a non-factor. I'd like for this process to come to an end, and being placed on another waitlist just extends it. I've been dreading additional waitlists since being placed on William & Mary's, which is why I was similarly unfazed by the UT rejection two weeks ago. At this point, I just want to reduce the number of variables. Sure, acceptance would be great. But rejection is the next best thing. No more waiting, thanks.


Menagerie said...

I don't think there's anything worse than an unknown. I waste incredible amounts of time on the what-if permutations.

I'll keep my fingers crossed that you'll get into W&M!


stag said...

Sorry, man. Are you working those waitlists? Like by sending in a letter of interest or visiting or something? There have been a lot of people reporting being waitlisted at W&M on LSD (not the drug).

Have a good weekend.

LawMom said...

Ugh. And I agree with stag.