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Sui Generis fed the starving children

It was a volunteer thing with my company. About a dozen of us carpooled over to the office of Feed My Starving Children, which is a somewhat clumsy yet apt name, since that's literally what they do. For the two or so hours we were there, we combined soy and rice and dried vegetables and vegetarian chicken-flavored vitamin mixture into little bags, sealed them, and packed them into boxes.

All the women grabbed the assembly-line positions so I got stuck with warehouse duty. I was hauling big Rubbermaid containers of rice and soy into the working area and stacking full boxes of food on pallets. It was cool to do some physical work instead of sitting around in a cubicle all day, though. We made enough meals-in-a-bag to feed over four thousand kids. That's something to feel good about.

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stag said...

That sounds cool!

sui generis said...

It was cool, stag! The food is shipped all over the world to kids who really need it. And they're not a disaster relief organization, which means they don't just ship a few crates to children of tsunami victims and then pull out when everyone else forgets about them. They form long-term relationships with their partner groups and keep the food coming.

The guy who worked with our group told us a story. A man (from Haiti or Jamaica, I can't remember) recently visited the facility to volunteer and see the place. He told them that their food kept him alive when he was a child. Without them, he might not be alive today. Now that's cool.