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One wait ends...

Just found out that I didn't get the job I applied for way back when. They were looking for someone with experience in hectic, stressful, mandatory overtime positions. And I wanted to argue, "no, I can do that..." but I wondered why I would want to. I enjoy having a job that doesn't suck me dry and break me down every day. It's nice to work with enough free time to blog a little and talk to my coworkers now and then.

On the other hand, I would like a job with more responsibility.

On the third hand, this would be a crappy time to try job hunting on top of everything else on my plate. I'm happy staying with the company while I wait (plus the benefits are excellent and at least we're insured). The only question is, do I transfer to this position in Collections they have available, or just lie low and ride it out in a job I'm familiar with?

I'll be relieved when this stupid law school applications thing is done. I almost don't care any more whether I'm in or out; I will be celebrating when it's all over. I just hate the feeling that my life is on hold.

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