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Weirdy weekend

So yesterday my grandma took me and J. out to Panera for lunch, and we ended up sitting next to a total whacko, which always seems to happen to us when we go out to eat. He was talking (loudly) about how Moslems are all anti-American and want to kill us infidels. He kept repeating the phrase "marked for destruction" or something to that effect, and he told stories about how there are secret temple meetings about how to destroy America, but we can't get in to find out about their plans because of the separation of church and state. He was very angry, he said, to find out about this. There was a younger girl sitting next to him, nodding and agreeing with every crazy thing he said. Very bizarre.

Then on the drive home, we saw not one but two vehicles bouncing around, showing off their hydraulics. Now up here in Minnesota that is quite a rare sight outside of car shows and the like, so I was pretty surprised. The second car was a Saturn.

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