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Too Cool

Stag satellited her current home with Google's new service, so I found my apartment building for everyone to admire. This is pretty much how Minnesota looks this time of year: everything is brown and the lakes are frozen over.

Stag reports having some trouble locating her place on the satellite image, but I was able to track down our neighborhood without much trouble by switching back & forth between the satellite and street maps.

Bonus info for SG stalkers!! Here is where I work. Boring.
This is the general location of my undergrad school. Much prettier photos, but I can't zoom in much further without taking a big hit in resolution.

I could play with this thing all day. My dad is a private pilot, so I've actually seen some of these things from the air, which is much cooler than looking at static satellite photos. But this is the greatest thing I can get from my desk at work.

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stag said...

Cool. I think I might have to map some more stuff.