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Final Score

This is it; my entire law school application adventure from start to finish. All the votes are in. Except for the four (+/-) waitlists that I am on, I have been roundly rejected! As for my chances of getting accepted off a wait list, who can say? But if I had to guess, I would say that law school is not in the cards for this fall. Nothing I can do now except keep on waiting.

11/5/04: All applications submitted via LSAC
12/17/04: Deferred at Minnesota
2/1/05: Waitlisted at UConn
2/2/05: Waitlisted at Wisconsin
2/17/05: Rejected at Washington
3/11/05: Rejected at Colorado
3/18/05: Rejected at Texas
3/25/05: Waitlisted at William & Mary
4/1/05: Rejected at Washington & Lee
5/2/05: Rejected at Georgia
5/14/05: Waitlisted at Minnesota and Lewis & Clark


Dave! said...

Don't be so sure... I have two friends (both now attorneys) who were waitlisted at their respective schools, and then accepted *the week before classes began*. Both of them. It seems to be more common than you would think...

sui generis said...

That makes me giddy and nervous, Dave. We better sign the month-to-month lease.