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Zodiac by Neal Stephenson

Maybe it was just me, but I had trouble with Zodiac. Maybe it would have been easier to follow if I'd read it all in one shot as I did with the first book, but as things went it seemed to jump around too much. I got lost and confused a couple of times. The action was occasionally unclear, or a character would pop up and I thought, "now who is that again?"

I mean, overall, I enjoyed it, but this book lacked the supreme elegance and polish of Snow Crash. That's what I get for reading the masterpiece first, I suppose. It's all downhill from there. That's unfair, really; most of it was great. I was into the story, I wanted the protagonist to triumph, and there were twists aplenty to keep it interesting. Overall, I would rank Zodiac in the top 500 books that I've read. That's still saying something.

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