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No unpleasant surprises this morning! One good poop last night after dinner and that was it. Lola stayed off the bed and let us sleep all night long. She's learning fast. Went totally spastic this morning when I got up and started petting her, and I felt sad when we had to leave her again so soon, and scared that she might have a present waiting for us when we got home. She wouldn't go this morning, even though we took her out twice.

You know, all I need to combine my two new hobbies is a wire basket on the handlebars of my Bianchi so that Lola can ride along with me. It wouldn't even have to be a very large basket; she's quite a small dog. Only ten pounds. I'm taking one thing at a time, though. First we'll make sure that she's housebroken, then we'll see about bicycle rides.

UPDATE: She held her bladder all day and pooped outside when we got home, and again before bed, so I thought we were in the clear. But this morning, we got the trifecta.


drvono said...

Just be consistent and patient! And be sure to get pet odor remover for that spot or she'll keep doing it.

sui generis said...

25% white vinegar and water solution followed by a liberal spraying of Lysol seems to do the trick. She has been a perfect little doggy since then!