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all weekend working on packing and loading and unloading until everything was moved from one apartment to our NEW HOME! and working out the quirks of this old house using the gas stove and lifting a ceiling lamp above forehead level and adjusting the toilet tank so that it fills up with water and doesn't leak mostly, but after all that it's a GREAT place and we love just being here and can't wait for the new short commute tomorrow too.

after a weekend of watching perfect weather go by without the time to get on my bike, I finally touched some rubber to the road on Monday night--after reattaching the chain that had slipped off the front gears and adjusting the fender that was rubbing on my wheel something fierce because it was installed at a sloppy angle by the guys at NOW bikes & fitness--but my legs were so distroyed I only went for a few blocks anyway.

it was a difficult time for Lola and she puked a few times we think from the stress of moving boxes everywhere and messing up her home enviroment after only two short weeks and finally getting settled down, so she spent Sunday at my in-laws' house during the bulk of the moving and seemed to do okay there altho she was so happy to see us again at the new house and made herself at home right away, plus she hasn't puked since then altho she's made some weird sounds and scratched the doors a bit.

both our families came to see the new place (J's dad was a huge factor in helping with the move and her mom took Lola too, plus my brother gave us a hand, and everyone else just came to check it out) and two of my college friends came for the day to see us before they move to Florida, and we ran into our upstairs neighbor B watering flowers on the front porch so we talked awhile and she's really nice.

all I'm really trying to say is that we had a full weekend and after all that we are still not connected to any internets, which adds to the authentic antiquity of the house, but makes it difficult to share the photos I took and can only be bad news for blogging. I'll do what I can.


drvono said...

You're only 13 minutes from me now!

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