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Three quick bike stories

Heads up. I changed the blog links a bit yesterday and added some local cyclers. Their adventures may only be of interest to me, but there you are. If you know of another biker/blogger who's fun to read, by all means let me know.

Speaking of, J and I toured a duplex yesterday that was home to five grad students and twice as many bicycles. Actually, from looking at the house I got the feeling that these were some guys I would like to hang out with. Aside from the bikes jammed everywhere, the best part was a basement full of amps and a drum set surrounded by empty bottles of Leinenkugel's.* The nicest bike was US Postal Service issue and looked totally frickin' sweet: clipless pedals, the whole works, with some nice shoes and other gear festooning the stairs nearby.

When we got home from there, I went on a long ride that ended up being far longer than I intended. I got totally lost and somehow ended up miles off course. And I loved every minute of it. Once I found my bearings and started to head back home, anyway.

*dubious claim to local beer industry fame: I once met Jacob Leinenkugel. True story. I later returned for the full brewery tour and far exceeded their stated limit of free samples.

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