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Beer, Bikes, and Belated Law School Application Advice

J's sister and brother-in-law came over yesterday to meet Lola and go out for dinner at Granite City restaurant and microbrewery. They only sell their own beers, which struck me as a bold move. I tried their light beer along with my walleye and tasted some of my sister-in-law's Maibock. Yum! The light was very good and I'll definitely need to return some time for a full pint of Maibock.

Another place that deserves a return visit is Grandma's Saloon & Grill. They offer a celebrated wine list, but I decided to go with their house beer when we visited last weekend and was not disappointed. Best of all, they accidentally brought me two glasses of the Trusty Old Brew so I got two for the price of one!

I forgot what I was going to say about my bike. It's still a blast to ride and I went out early this morning and almost got blown over by the wind a couple of times. Later I saw that it was gusting up to 30mph. Whoa. Also I locked the gears while going up a hill and had to walk it the rest of the way up, but that was no big deal. I'm going to be taking a repair class at the Sibley Bike Depot soon. Oh, now I remember what I set out to share: After biking down to Medicine Lake and watching the waves and exalting in the early Sunday, I saw a dead duck by the side of the road. At first I thought it was just sleeping but then I saw the neck was askew and oh the feathers, it was a sad thing to see so early in the morning.

My grandma called and a friend of hers had recommended University of Virginia, so she told me to apply there if it wasn't too late. I told her I probably missed my chance for this year.

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