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Zen cycling

Just got in from my first real ride on the Strada. The weather was sort of crappy but I still had a blast riding around a lake in the wind and cold. I gotta say it feels good to be back in the saddle. My calm was almost broken at the end, but I emerged unscathed.

A couple of blocks away from home I saw a ball roll from someone's driveway out into the street, so I stopped to pick it up and toss it back. I heard a kid yell, "hey! That's my ball!" Three little junior high boys were coming down to the street, but they were still a ways back, so I called, "I'm just kicking it back for you."

I drop-kicked it up to them and they started cursing and yelling at me. I thought about flipping them the old bird, but instead I just got back on my bike and took off. They were trying to antagonize; why give 'em the satisfaction? I finished the ride feeling good and tired and triumphant.

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