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SG vs. Stag: Application Domination

The results are in: Stag has heard from all nineteen schools where she applied. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, let's see how our answers stack up:

# applied
Stag: 19 | Sui G: 9
I win on application fees, unless Stag got fee waivers for all those schools. This puts me a few hundred bucks in the lead. One point for me.

# rejected
Stag: 5 | Sui G: 4
I'm going to claim another point here since I got one less rejection, even though my percentage is higher (44% rejections compared to 26% for her). Still, that's one less letter that made me cry. Chalk up another point for Sui Generis.

# waitlisted
Stag: 6 | Sui G: 3
I'm even more unsure how to quantify this one, but with percentages this close, I'm tempted to call it a tie for now. I won't, though; I'm going to call it three more points for me. Why? Because getting waitlisted is a cop-out--a non-answer--and that sucks. The fewer of those you have to think about, the better.

# accepted
Stag: 5 | Sui G: 0
In the end, this number is the only thing that matters. Infinity points to Stag. She wins at getting into law school.

# pending
Stag: 0 | Sui G: 1
But the game's not over yet... I still have one card up my sleeve. And one YES is all it takes to make me a winner in the applications game. Come on, Minnesota! SG news a new pair of tires!

1 comment:

stag said...

Ha ha. You definitely win in waitlists and in waiting in general. And I didn't cry when I got rejected. I swear.