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Sui Generis is ambivalent about law school

Whoa--got a little caught up in cycling fever there for a few days. I hope I didn't lose anybody. Just to catch you up, I'm still waiting for an answer soon from Minnesota (I'm expecting a NO), and then I'll be sitting on three waitlists (no, no, and no, probably). Ah, but who can say. It will all work out one way or the other. I'm not even all that anxious anymore for it to come to an end; I'm living my life and having a great time no matter what. Cheers everyone.


Menagerie said...

Not to Monday morning quarterback, but I am curious -- why didn't you apply to more private schools? It's usually exceptionally difficult to get into a state school where you aren't a resident.

sui generis said...

That's a fair question. Mostly, the money. I was turned off by the tremendous amount of debt I would incur by attending the private schools that I would have otherwise applied to. I guess I could have applied anyway and crossed my fingers for scholarship money, but instead I focused on schools that I could afford more realistically.

Menagerie said...

I understand. The debt is staggering, and occasionally keeps me up at night. My plan is to roll most of the private loans into a second mortgage (can deduct lots more interest that way).