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Eat Me Twin Cities

(in which Sui Generis recommends restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul)

Coming off nearly a week of nothing but wine posts, I needed something to boost me out of the rut. Luckily, Nathan handed me a line! In the comments, he requests my suggestions for good food close to here. I'm not the best person to ask, for three reasons. A limited budget means I'd rather cook for myself at home; I always make a point to eat out while traveling, but otherwise do it rarely; and my wife and I don't agree on food which makes us even less likely to try new restaurants. Of course, you should read the Surly Vegan for occasional restaurant reviews from a vegan POV, but since you asked me...

  • Sakura: I've mentioned before how they are the only restaurant in Minnesota to serve my favorite drink (Calpis), although it's on the secret menu and you have to request it. They also make the best vegetarian gyoza, ever. A bit pricey but a good place to bring our out-of-town friends.
  • I haven't been in a while but I enjoyed Pizza Luce the last time we ate there, at the Uptown location. My wife and I sat outside for lunch and then made out in the car. The first time I visited a Pizza Luce, it was the Warehouse District location. A man asked for our leftovers as soon as we stepped outside and then my dinner companions went to Sex World.
  • My favorite sub is a Jimmy John's #6 but that might be partially due to pleasant memories from my first visit to this establishment, which was during Spring Break (woo!) 2003.
  • For Thai food the prize goes to King and I even though I only went there once and I ordered the food too spicy. I've been aching for another taste of their mock dock ever since.
  • During our honeymoon I meant to take J to Cafe Brenda. But they were closed, so instead we went to Harvey's Bar & Grill across the street. Minneapolis' Finest were having lunch at Harvey's that day and again when we came back. Cops know where the good food is. Harvey's serves an incredible grilled cheese and a good grilled veggie sandwich too.
  • French Meadow Bakery: This planned honeymoon stop was actually open, and it's difficult to resist a visit whenever we're in the area, even if it's just for a scone and some water. The egg salad sandwich on hemp bread is tasty.
  • I have to admit that I'm crazy about the broccoli cheese soup at Panera Bread. Now served daily! Strict vegetarians take note, however: the bastards cook it in a "chicken base (chicken meat including natural chicken juices)". I choose to ignore this fact and instead focus on smearing delicious soup all over myself.
  • Best vegetarian restaurant that no longer exists: Mud Pie.
  • Finally, I hear the Hard Times Cafe is good and they're at the top of my list for restaurants to check out next. If only I can talk J into making the trip!


Anonymous said...

Thats not for strict veggies! Thats not for any veggie! Strict vegs dont eat cheezorz!=p

sui generis said...

Whoops damn! I always forget about the cheese! Okay well you could ask them to leave it out and just have... broccoli soup??

Nathan said...

My wife makes broccoli soup and, along with some cornbread, it's my six-year-old son's favorite meal. It has one cup of cream in the two gallons or so of soup but we should try soy or rice milk one of these times - maybe even simply corn starch. We also do put a little cheese on it, at least for dinner.

That Calpis sounds pretty good. I'll take mine flavored with mango, please. 'Course, it's dairy, so... It's just not easy to go vegan!

Thanks, SG - I haven't tried most of those places.