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Oh, the places you'll go!

Yes, this is how I spent my morning: MyMaps at

It's a map of places in the Twin Cities where I like to go or want to check out. Sort of a to-do atlas. It's color coded! More or less.

Green: food marts & restaurants
Red: wine, beer & liquor stores
Brown: brewpubs, wine bars, coffee shops, breweries
Black: tattoos & music
Yellow: bikes
White: church/charity, other groups
Blue: art & other


michael said...

That is cool.

John said...

Wow, you could have a whole new thing going here. I've wanted to visit some of those places myself. We should bike to some of these destinations together! Cool way of making plans with others that have similar interests.

sui generis said...

I'm still playing with this but it can also be a collaborative tool for people to add their own locations, like at Dr. Vino's map of Chicago wine stores. Lots of potential!