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Miranda that blog just isn't holy any more

I've no doubt a large part of my newfound reticence in posting is due to the gradual loss of anonymity around here. My name is now linked to this page in a dozen different ways by the distance of two, three clicks or less, and I have to watch what I say now. I can't trash talk my job (what? ME? I love my job, obviously) for fear of repercussions in interviews from old posts dredged up by a savvy employer. I can't trash talk other people, not like I made a habit of it in the past, but when everything is going on the record, you can't be too careful...

Blogging was more fun when it was done pseudonymously. I've been tempted more than once to start a new account and a diferent site that's absolutely unconnected to this one or anything else I'm involved with. But, the work of building up a new audience... and the fact that I'd have to keep it under wraps so's not to blow my cover... that doesn't appeal to me at all.

Maybe that's why writing fiction appeals to me, for the distance between myself and my writing, but it's got the same problem: my name's still attached to it. But at least with a novel I can say, 'I made that up.' A journal-style blog is supposed to be true, in general. Or I could go the route of Natural Kinds (a disappeared blog) with a disclaimer that says 'this is a fictional blog.' Of course I'll keep on writing my life--I've come a long way since this blog was set up to talk about applying to law school--I just have to keep redefining what this space is for.


drvono said...

Clever title.

Shelley said...

I *completely* understand! :)