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On the other hand...

Maybe 2006 will be a year where I just can't think of anything to say on this blog. That's the direction I'm going so far. Well, I guess nothing especially thrilling has happened since the big New Year's party. I've been working at the bike shop a lot and we visited our friends Noria and Dr. Vono the other night. Otherwise, it's back to business as usual. I'm still slogging along at my temp job and trying to find a venue for the craft fair. Tonight I'm going to exchange my Christmas gift card for wine and Black Label beer at Surdyk's.

(Wha? I thought I posted this last night, but not only did it not save--I lost another paragraph. Oh well, here's what's left of it.)

UPDATE ETIQUETTE QUESTION: We ate dinner at Panera, and I had broccoli cheese soup in a bread bowl. What's the proper procedure for deconstructing those things? I usually soak up most of the soup with the bread castoffs and then just tear into it with my hands. It works all right, with the side-effect of getting soup all over my hands and face and looking like a big slob. All attempts at using silverware, however, have failed. If you have a bread bowl eating technique, please share.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you have to start eating the soup first; then as it gets lower, you can start tearing off the bread trimmings off the top, possibly dipping them in the soup if they are not already soggy.