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Milwaukee weekend con't.

After the Milwaukee trip, we returned to Appleton for dinner at Koreana, preceded by Japanese tap beer: we tried both Sapporo and Kirin Ichiban for comparison. Turns out they're pretty similar. I had the Bi Bim Bahb. I was hungry and ate happily but it wasn't fantastic. Our edamame appetizer was tasty, though. Their sushi is supposed to be superb.

We retired to chez Swaagman for the evening. I finally got to watch some Tivo'd episodes of Miami Ink. That got us men jamming about tattoo plans and the women shaking their heads and condemning us. Most of my skin will stay blank and colorless for the rest of my days but I'd invest in a lot more tattoos if I had anything to say about it. As my wife has informed me, however, I have no say in the matter. Get your tattoos before you get married, that's my advice.


Anonymous said...

oooh im jealous...the koreana is sooooo good and i have only gotten to eat there a few im craving it, thanks!

John said...

mmm. I love Korean food! You didn't even have kimchi while you were there?!
I especially like the photo of the awesome Raleigh. I could ride that bike!

sui generis said...

I tried the kimchi but I didn't really care for it. That was my first time having it though... maybe I'll develop a taste for it.