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Technology has failed me again!

I bought the parts for my new computer on NewEgg. They're a pretty good site with nice prices and fast shipping. The best feature they offer is user reviews, and they've got a large enough customer base that most products have a representative variety of opinions.

I went cheap as possible but I bought quality parts, with the exception of my case. I mean, it's just a plastic shell... not worth breaking the bank on, right? Except the case includes one crucial part: the power supply. And this particular case had a few reviews warning about the power supply breaking down. "Pssh," I thought, "what are the chances?" And it worked just fine... for about a month. Suddenly last week, I tried to turn it on and nothing happened. Sure enough, the power supply was fried.

Luckily everything else looks okay and my local geek squad (little brother) is installing a new supply for me. No such trouble with the typewriter. In fact, the sticky "u" key seems to have un-stuck with use and rarely gives me trouble any more. I miss having a computer, but I told my brother there's no hurry. As long as I get it back before Spore comes out.

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