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No winter shall abate this spring’s increase.

I love relaxing reading on the bus ride to work while the sun rises and someone else does the hard work of driving for me. I love how the coffee on my tongue makes original Pringles taste like barbeque chips. I love watching trains roll overhead and wondering where the graffiti was drawn, and what the weather was like there, and how long it will last till it's erased and a new artist steps up to decorate the blank slate. I love the anticipation of hot tea, hot chocolate, hot baths during my walk home--an anticipation that is often more pleasant than the thing itself. I love the way Lola (my Pug) freaks out and runs up to greet me when I get home. I love the cozy feeling of stepping into warm slippers. I love cuddling with my wife.

I'm actually fed up with winter in Minnesota, and I hate this cold. But who wants to read about that?


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E. McPan said...

It makes your Pringles taste like BBQ? I need some of that coffee!