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On the Wagon

I like to drink alcohol. For those of you who are new here, it's the truth, drinking is a hobby of mine. I like drinking anything really--before I turned 21 I went through phases with pop, tea, juice, what have you--but with alcohol (and wine in particular) I have become a bona fide enthusiast. This enjoyment goes beyond the actual imbibing, of course, and extends to researching, collecting, visiting vineyards & wineries, &c.

But it all comes back down to the crux of the matter: actually drinking the stuff. Just between you and me, internet, this is my favorite part. As much I enjoy turning over bottles in pleasant wine shops, learning new information online, and writing in my little wine journal, none of that really compares to the pleasure of a good glass of booze (wine, beer, rum or otherwise).

So I drink a lot. Not a lot a lot, but enough that sometimes I wonder whether I'm in danger of developing addiction (this fear is founded solely on a family history with alcoholism and not any behavior on my part). So sometimes, I stop. I quit drinking for a week or two. I figure that if this is a problem, then my drinking is a problem. It has never been a problem. But it is kind of lame, since I like drinking, and it sucks to stop doing something that I like. At least my self-imposed prohibition allows me to focus on my other hobbies: I finally started work on my second sock!



Nathan said...

I hear ya. I've got alcoholism in my family, too, so I watch myself pretty close. I tend to just have a beer with dinner, though, so I think I'm good.

And I am more a beer guy. I started getting into wine a few years ago, but beer is so much more approachable for me. You buy a bottle (or can), open it, and you drink it; you don't (typically) have to age it and you don't have to worry about leftovers.

And, for what it's worth, currently my favorite beer is Maudite. I should really write a post about beer sometime...

Aaron said...

Yeah dude, sign me up. It's just so easy to settle in for the night, crack some wine, and watch some TV. My better half seems to keep my consumption in check...but it's just so fun. It makes nothing to do something to do.