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Happy Meat Day!

Oh, those Japanese and their wacky holidays! What will they come up with next!

Yesterday was February 9th, and since the numbers 2 and 9 can be read niku (which means "meat" in Japanese), butcher shops across Japan have decided to label the day as Meat Day, a special day to celebrate meat in all its many forms.
Actually, meat in Japan was pretty gross. I'm not talking about Kobe beef or anything, because I couldn't afford fancy stuff. I mean what my host mom cooked and what I got in restaurants. McDonalds was okay, but real meat was generally off-putting. I remember excessively fatty, chewy pork--in fact, I was working over a wad of this when I decided to become a vegetarian. Still, the rest of you, enjoy your meat! An animal died just so you can eat, aren't you glad that we're towards the top of the food chain?

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