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On blog fiction

I started writing my fictional blog today. Of course, for the experiment to work, I can't tell anybody how to find it, but I can talk about it. Turns out blogs are a good format for fiction after all. A talented blog writer will post about the highlights of her day, interesting events, or pressing matters on her mind. In the same way, a good novel sticks to the story, moving from plot point to plot point, not getting mired in the minutiae of daily life.

As an aside, I missed On Beauty for this month's book club. I tried reserving it from my library but there were too many holds on it, so a week ago I requested the large print edition. It only just came yesterday. I finished the first three chapters (about 100 pages in my copy of the book) and it reminded me of The Corrections, another book that I did not enjoy. Since the book club unanimously hated On Beauty, I'm glad to see I won't be missing anything by quitting while I'm ahead.

So! My secret fictional blog. It should be good practice for developing novel-writing skills. I'm making up friends, events, and places of course. Most challenging of all is writing a first-person narrator who is not me, which is a skill I desperately need to learn since currently all my male characters are thinly-veiled clones of myself. Leave aside for now the fact that all my female leads are independent, tattooed, anarcho-hipster-punk cyclists. I don't need to change that, because it's awesome.

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John said...

I like your idea. I'm going to create a fictional blog also and maybe my character can meet yours and they'll be friends, purely fictional of course, until the friends decide to turn on us and start writing our names all over everything and submitting our true identies to spam lists just to tick us off. Then the lawsuits come because of some slanderous thing they have said and prompted others to say and we are forced to reveal our true identies and then our mother's call us and tell us we need an exorcism or something because of the wild and crazy things our characters said and did. Well, Then due to the preasure, I'll have to kill my character in a bike/car accident and end the story. I can't bear to think of my creation getting the best of me, or someone else for that matter. So what if fictional characters start leaving messages on your blog and they want to meet up with your character and it actually happens on someone else's fictional blog, but they didn't blog about it as you remember it. Then it gets out of hand because the other character is making up stuff about your character on his/her own blog and sending people to read what your character has written, then writing fictional responses. All the more reason to make sure I never find out your secret fictional blog address. hehe.
Seriously, interesting idea. Blog on!