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Lonely planet

Today I was looking at the GEOS program for teaching in Japan. It looked okay, until I did the math and realized that I would earn about $12,177.59 a year after rent (and that doesn't include airfare, so knock another thousand bucks off the top). Take away food and transportation costs and you're not looking at much in the way of pocket money. But, hey, I would get to live in my favorite country and have fun adventures with my wife! Right? Not so fast:

Both members of a married or unmarried couple is [sic] free to apply to GEOS, but each applicant is reviewed on his or her own merits. Separate applications are required. If both applicants are successful, no guarantees can be made with regards to where in Japan each will be assigned. An effort will be made, however, to place applicants as close together as possible.
So we could both apply, be accepted, and then get assigned to opposite sides of the country? Maybe we could visit each other on the weekends. Awesome.


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Anonymous said...

Try American Language Schools. pays way better, and is more reputable. Remember its $300 from Osaka to Tokyo and back. or 10 hours by local train ($?). NG SON!