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Milwaukee Weekend

This weekend we left Minnesota to visit our friends and tour the "secret city" of magical Milwaukee, WI. Our first stop was Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg. Most of the information that was covered on the winery tour was old shoe to me, but I learned some new things about tartrates and enjoyed the tasting. After the cellar tasting, we headed upstairs to try the rest of their wines. The reds were sub-par, but they make some great sweet white wine, which I'll write about soon in my post for wine of the month.

Appetites whetted with a bellyful of wine, we drove into Milwaukee for lunch at Riverwest Co-op. J ordered a veggie burger, our friends had a black bean burrito, and I got the excellent Tempeh Reuben. The drive from St. Paul to Milwaukee was worth it for this sandwich alone. You can see here the front of the co-op where they sell stuff presumably made by local artists. We stuck a Craftstravaganza flyer up in the window and left some handbills.

We made a quick stop at the Art-o-Mat and then hit our last stop, Paper Boat Boutique. Paper Boat sells independent art and craft work and is co-owned by Kim Kisiolek and Faythe Levine, who also organize the Art vs. Craft show. Kim was in the store so we got to meet her and talk about the Craftstravaganza. She was very nice and let us leave more flyers in the shop. Thanks, Kim! I hope you can make it to the Craftstravaganza!


drvono said...

You got in the car and drove with a bellyful of wine?

sui generis said...

No. Don't drink and drive, kids!

Nathan said...

A tempeh reuben worth driving to Milwaukee for? Holy crap, that's gotta be one tasty sandwhich. My brother is out there - I'll be sure to give that a try next time I'm out there.

Any recommendations for something closer to home, though?