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An anniversary fit for a king!

J and I had a great romantic first anniversary night at Millenium Hotel in downtown Minneapolis. The hotel is on the south end of Nicollet Mall and we had a great view for watching the pretty track bikes and fixies roll on by.

We had dinner at King and I Thai right around the corner. J ordered the fried rice and I ordered the Pad Thai, both with mock duck. Our server took the order quickly, got us water, and the food came out really fast. After that, he was not very good at stopping by to pick up our food and bring a bill, although he was very attentive to the two cute tattooed girls who were seated at the table across from us!

I wanted authentic Thai taste, so I requested my Pad Thai to be made 'spicy' (3 on a scale of 4, between 'medium' and 'Thai spicy'). It was too spicy for my bland Midwestern palate to handle, but it was so good that I kept eating it, even though I couldn't breathe very well or see through my tears. Eventually, J made me give up on my meal and I finished off her fried rice.

Back at the hotel we took a bath, drank champagne, went to bed early and slept in. It was my best anniversary ever! (And I do recommend King and I for the food, but the service was spotty--as I had been warned in advance of our visit).

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drvono said...

You should have shed some clothes and bore *your* sexy tattoos!