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I will be a bicycle commuter

Yesterday I was feeling good and the weather was good so I pumped up my tires and went for an unguided bicycle tour of east St. Paul. I rode along 4th St E as far as I could go and then I continued on 6th as far as I could go and then I kept on going until I found a promising-looking dead-end and rode to the end to rest in the shade behind a privacy fence across the street from a church that I wished I had a camera so I could take a photo of it. But I didn't have any way to save the moment, so I just savored it and drank my water and stretched out and watched the clouds.

On my way home I took 3rd, which was a more direct route and therefore more car-traffic heavy. Having those drivers on my back was good motivation to hammer up a few hills! The hills kept coming; I couldn't do any more at speed after I'd gone a mile or so, but I shifted gears until I could take it and kept on going until I made it home. Purt near five miles in all, round trip.

I'm going to start bike commuting this summer. A direct highway route to my office is about ten miles long, and if I can do even half of that by bicycle then I'll be pretty thrilled. I just need to work out the logistics of where to leave my car during the night and where to leave my bike during the day, and then I can get started, and it doesn't seem unreasonable that I could make the whole trip on bike by the end of the summer. So, that's my newest goal for this year. Law school smlaw school, riding bikes is more fun than cite-checking anyway probably.


Dave! said...

"riding bikes is more fun than cite-checking anyway probably"

*Definitely* :)

sui generis said...

Hey Dave, by the way, your Blogger profile is broken. Or else it's just a Blogger glitch.