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Red moon rising

image from Flickr

Hey astrono-nerds! Do you want to see something that is pretty cool? The next lunar eclipse is scheduled for Saturday, March 3.

In the USA, the eclipse will already be underway when the moon rises on Saturday evening [NOTE: My fans in Japan might be able to view this phenomenon at moonset]. Observing tip: Find a place with a clear view of the eastern horizon and station yourself there at sunset. As the sun goes down behind you, a red moon will rise before your eyes.

Rising moons are often reddened by clouds or pollution, but this moon will be the deep, extraordinary red only seen during a lunar eclipse.
I'm sort of interested in astronomy, but not so much in the science parts. Mostly, I just enjoy looking at the pretty pictures. Check out that Flickr page for more great astrophotography and nature shots. Better, try to be outside at moonrise on Saturday evening. It might be too overcast on account of the snow clouds they forecasted, but it's worth a shot. Look to the east.

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