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Cidouri: 'cuz Sudoku is for suckers

Do you have some time to kill at work? Of course you do! If you like doing things that are fun, take a shot at a Cidouri puzzle. They are not very hard. I enjoy Sudoku, personally (I liked it before it was "cool" to do so). But to solve one of those puzzles, I have to think about numbers and math, and sometimes I just want to connect the dots. Once you learn the simple rules of Cidouri, it's like a mindless kind of Zen exercise.


Jhenn said...

Try your hand at Nonograms! Japan loves them and now Ive got some under my belt, the harder ones are making my brain hurt. sweet!

(no links due to me going to bed right.... now.)

Salahuddin said...

Actually, check my blog: I have a set of many Cidouri puzzles and Ponturu puzzles as well there.