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America's Next Tat Model

I love watching shows where I get to pass judgment on people. Who saw the premiere of Top Model? Anyone? Just me then?

Last night's episode began with a larger pool of girls (around 20) and was whittled down to 12 over the course of two hours. The lady above was removed in the first round of cuts. I was not surprised, but somewhat confused why they bothered to introduce her in the first place. She would have been the most interesting contestant in the show. When she appeared on screen, I whispered, "she's my favorite." My wife glared at me.

As the only woman on the show with multiple tattoos, she's not only attractive, but very unique. I understand that beauty is not a prerequisite for modeling, and that being unique is actually a handicap (there was a big to-do about including two "plus-size" models among this season's participants). This makes sense. For practical reasons, it helps if all your models have approximately the same dimensions.

Of course, tattooed girls are not excluded for practical reasons. Tattoos don't interfere with your ability to wear a dress, but they might take the attention away from that dress and have people looking at the model instead. We can't have that! The model is a mannequin to display product. To the eye of a high fashion tastemaker, the difference between a size 6 and a size 14 is narrower than the gap between plainskins and those with decorated bodies.


E. McPan said...

I'm totally addicted to ANTP, but I missed the premiere. (Seriously, they show reruns on like 20 channels, so I'm still catching up on old seasons.) But I did see the previews for it, and I *knew* that girl would get cut. There's no way they would have let her go on. I thought she was cool-looking!

Jhenn said...

I think a oompany having a pretty tattooed gal would help them. they see her and associate her with their products. of course, this is for a modeling contract, not working with a specific clothing oompany.

there was/is a girl with her head tattooed that was a runway model and very popular maybe 10 years ago? she was in fifth element actually too.
also theres another tattooed model with her irish name tattooed across her back and some other things. most of the time they cover them up with make up when she does photo shoots. so theres no excuse!

Anonymous said...

what's this girls name?
shes beautiful!

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