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Birdhouse build project complete

With my own hands, I have constructed a house for tree swallows to inhabit. I am inordinately proud of myself for this accomplishment. One piece of advice, if you use these plans to build a tree swallow birdhouse for yourself: use screws, not nails. If you use nails as your primary fastening mechnism, it is very difficult to keep everything straight. You will end up with something resembling Homer Simpson's spice rack, and you will have to pull it apart, and start over.

So, check this out. The side of the box can be opened with pivot nails, for easy cleaning. A wily predator would figure that out sooner or later, so the door is secured with a catch nail to hold it shut. What an elegant solution. Ventilation holes are drilled into the sides so the eggs don't get fried on a hot day. In the far right photo, you can see the bottom of the house, with drainage.

I hope that some pair of mating swallows will decide to make their home in this modest box. Not all the angles are exactly right, but birds shouldn't mind too much. I'll be watching for signs of occupancy. I built the house to swallow specifications, but other than that, I don't have any particular reason to believe that swallows are what I'll get. I will be happy with anything that sees fit to move in.

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