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Letterboxing, Geocaching... whatever you call it, it's treasure hunting!

Every so often, I find out a hobby exists that seems pulled straight from my imagination. Letterboxing is a search for secrets hidden by fellow hobbyists. Geocaching brings this pastime into the 21st century by incorporating the use of a GPS. Both of them get you walking around outside and let you pretend to be a pirate who is hunting for treasure. Needless to say, I think that this is awesome!

I lack the proper technology for geocaching, but I plan to track down my first letterbox when the snow clears out this spring. This intriguing hobby dovetails with the discovery of the Perplex City "Receda Cube," which I read about in an article by the winner. I'm intrigued by the idea of "alternate reality" competitions like this one. From a business standpoint, it's very clever. The winner got $200,000, but how much do you think they earned?

They make money by selling packs of 6 cards for $5 a pack. Players use the cards to solve clues, move the game forward, and eventually locate the Cube. With 256 cards total, an individual player would have to spend at least $213 to collect them all. The company would break even on the prize money with less than 1,000 hardcore players. That's a really simplified calculation, but anyway, I'm more intrigued by the possibilities of the game itself. The play's the thing, and why pay money when I can go letterboxing for free?


Jhenn said...

I looooovvee letter boxing and plan to plant possibly the only one in Japan (there is one listed, but is no longer there). its free, you do get to be a pirate, you get outside, you get to be sneaky, and visit some gorgeous places too!! glad youve gotten into it!
(did you read it on my blog =p)

sui generis said...

I did find it on your blog! Don't you follow and read every single one of my links?