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Hello Poketo friends

Say hi to Poketo Artist Wallets. They are limited edition vinyl bi-fold goodness. Now on their 11th series, they've featured several artists and designers with a wide assortment of styles. I would like to get one for myself. The problem is that the good ones (like the design by Hannah Stouffer, above) always sell out too fast. The whole point of Poketo is being able to hand-pick a favorite design. So far, I've missed out on the good ones, so I am waiting until I find one that I adore.

I went through a phase when I felt that I should be growing up and doing fancy adult things, so I bought a (fake?) leather wallet. Later I changed my mind and covered it with stickers. Then I tried to peel the stickers off and destroyed it. The point is, I'm due for a new one. My next wallet will be a Poketo.


Jhenn said...

I'm diggin the designs! I liked the squid rocket one the best. From an episode of UCB actually... I bet they knew that.
Here is my new favorite tshirt store, you may enjoy:
Ive gotten penguins with guns, dualling skeleton cowboys, and a panda playing hockey. I got a pointo cardo. any of them catch your fancy?

Sui Generis said...

I really like the "Brussel" shirt. I don't know why.

But my favorite is this one! It reminds me of the Imaginary Foundation designs.