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A harvest of aluminum

Image from Flickr.

You never know how much trash is on your street until you try to pick it up. I started collecting crushed cans a couple of weeks ago. It's incredible how many I've gathered since then. I walk the same route to work every day, and I keep finding more!

At landfills, most of the trash is smashed and buried into the landscape, but some of it escapes and becomes a problem known as "blowing trash." Our neighborhood is also affected by this phenomenon. If I go through our yard in the morning and clean up all the half-empty bottles, Star Crunch wrappers, and Styrofoam packaging I can find, a new assortment of garbage will have found its way to our lot by the end of the day.

As a homeowner, it sucks. As a junk collector, it was very handy, for a while. Unfortunately, there are already more flattened cans in my basement than I can possibly paint in the immediate future. I had to give up bringing them home. I guess I could still recycle them, but the novelty of picking up dirty trash has started to wear off.


Jhenn said...

On my way to work is a mini construction site. I saw all sorts of smashed mini cans from all the heavy equipment going in and out of the lot. I got a bag out of the recycle bin at work and went to pick them up on my way home. There was about 10-15, a mere 10 yards away from the recycling box infront of the vending machine they came from. There was 2 fresh ones this morning, cant they walk over there?
Sadly, these can are made of steel and already started rusting, so I will take them back to recycling.
I did attempt a beer can pinwheel, but in my excitment I didnt "plan it through" and the project did not work. next time gadget! next tiimmeee!!

drvono said...

Do you collect them in a shopping cart? I think I might have seen you on the street recently...