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Bird house raising

I picked up a pack of posters by Adam Turman. They look like this (except bigger). When my chores were done for the day, I had an Andrew Jackson burning a hole in my pocket. I saw GTA San Andreas at Target, so I thought about getting that game, and punching imaginary dudes on my PS2. Instead, bought a post at Ace Hardware to hold my bird house up.

Today I learned that:

  • Buying hardware piecemeal, in this case, was only somewhat cheaper than a kit.
    • The advantage is that I can buy a taller pole.
    • The drawback is that it's one solid ten foot pole, instead of several, smaller, pole sections.
  • My Saturn coupe is just long enough to fit a ten foot pole inside, going from one corner of the trunk to the opposite corner of the dashboard.
  • I should deactivate our home security system before I bring the pole into the back yard.
    • Corollary: Next time I hear an alarm going off, I will quickly make sure it isn't mine.
After talking to our friendly security people, I dug a hole in our lawn. The friendly hardware expert at Ace told me to bury the post at least 18 inches into the ground, but I hit an impasse at one foot deep. I also hit a cable (don't tell my wife OK)! There was a layer of solid rock that prevented me from going any further, so I stuck the pole up and hoped for the best. I think it will be fine, as long as it isn't touched by squirrels, or rain.


Jhenn said...

When I go to my home center down the road, Mister Tonkachi (which I affectionately call Mister Tonkatsu, as that's the only way I can remember the name) I always ended up with waaaay more things than my original list. I decided I too wanted a birdhouse/feeder, although they didnt really have any. Maybe I will make one!

E. McPan said...

Arrghh! As a former telecommunications worker (you know, when you hit a cable, and you have to call that number? That was us), I would have to punch you a few times for hitting that cable!!!

Sui Generis said...

Now I know to call before I dig! And knowing is half the battle!

drvono said...

I'll get the obligatory puns out of the way -

"You literally raised the roof!"
"Power lines are something you shouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole!"

OK now, the poster looks awesome. And your security system goes off when you enter the backyard?!