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First letterboxing find

Last week, I bought everything I needed to start my new hobby (a Moleskine notebook), but there was too much snow on the ground for outdoor letterboxing. I know, because I tried! I went to where a letterbox should be along the Mississippi, but the entire area was unplowed. I might have found it eventually with the help of a shovel. Instead I gave up and decided to come back later.

Then, I found a new online source for clues, and tracked down an indoor box. I don't want to give it all away, but it was very clever. The box was hidden inside a hollowed-out fake book that is checked into a local university's library system. I was the second one to stamp the visitor book in the letterbox, and their stamp became the first entry in my personal log. That's one down, and plenty to go.


Anonymous said...

where do you go for clues? I use LBNA


Sui Generis said...

I found a site for Minnesota Letterboxes that is more comprehensive than the LBNA site (at least for MN). I don't think they have any Japan boxes listed, but they do have a page for Ohio.

Anonymous said...

Funny.....we were the first finders of that letterbox. Now that it's spring you should be able to find more. There are some good ones in Minnehaha Park to find. Enjoy!