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Crosby Farm Park letterboxing

It was a beautiful 32 degrees Fahrenheit day on my second successful letterboxing trip. A good day for secrets. Most of the snow is melted away, leaving mud behind, but the trails at Crosby Farm Park were mostly clear.

My clues identified two separate boxes on this trail. The first was exactly where I expected to find it. The previous finder had returned this box to its hiding spot in a root mass, and buried it well with leaves and twigs. Nobody else was around, so I took a few minutes to flip through the log book and leave my stamp. This box contained a nice hand-carved stamp and everything was sealed in Ziploc bags. I put it back the same way, and covered it completely.

The second letterbox belongs in this opening. I used that stick to dig out about two inches of hard-packed dirt from the top. I unearthed a lot of rocks, but didn't hit a letterbox. Either I needed to keep going, or the box has gone missing. I went back and pulled out the first box again to leave a note for future seekers. When I got home, I sent a note to the owner of the letterbox. I hope that it turns up again.

On my way out of the park, I picked up some garbage off the trail. Letterboxing sites encourage you to leave the area cleaner and nicer than you find it: "cache in, trash out." Check out the patina on this can of Bud. It's practically an antique. Too bad it's not flat enough to paint on. I threw it away, but my trip was a success with one new stamp in my logbook!

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