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Spring cleaning

Image from Flickr.

Just last week we had highs below freezing, and then it went up to eighty degrees, and now it's cold and rainy. Crazy Minnesota springtime. Even though some flowers are were already pushing up a week ago, it was still too early to do any gardening or yard work without risking damage to the soil and plants. It was a great time, we decided, to open the windows and spiff up the house. It's amazing what you can do with just a bucket of hot water and dish soap.

I put the bird feeders back out in the yard to keep my bird house company. I also found one that had been left behind by the previous owner of our house. It seemed to be designed for squirrels, so I made some alterations. Then the squirrels got into it and spilled the seed all over the ground! The feeders also attracted attention from birds right away, but I haven't seen any prospective dormers checking out the house yet.

Since it's vacant, I dug up the bird house and buried it deeper, now that the ground's not so frozen. Then I filled the hole with rocks. I think it's going to stay put. I made sure to avoid the wire this time! I exposed something else that could have been another wire but which I choose to believe was a thick, uniformly yellow, root.

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